Q: Why are your marshmallows special?

A: Our marshmallows are made from scratch with all natural ingredients. They are locally made in Minnesota and bring a new twist to your classic s'more or hot cocoa!


Q: Do they catch on FIRE?

A: NO! Our marshmallows will never catch on fire because there are no artificial ingredients or chemical preservatives. They melt and caramelize perfectly!


Q: Is there corn syrup in your marshmallows?

A: Absolutely not - we use organic agave nectar instead!


Q: Are your marshmallows gluten free? Other Allergens?

A: Yes! All four flavors are completely gluten free. They are made in a shared kitchen with other vendors who use tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, corn, soy, eggs. Contact us with any further questions.

Q: How many marshmallows come in a box?

A: 16 delicious marshmallows that are 1.25”

Q: Where do I buy them?

A: Check our Store Finder tab! You can also buy them on our website.

Q: What’s the shelf life?

A: About 14 weeks – but we know they will be eaten much sooner than that!

Q: Who designed your logo and box?

A: We love the teams we have worked with. Thankfully we teamed up with an awesome company in Minneapolis called Wink for the logo, graphics, and website design!